This is Where It Begins

Today is the beginning.

It’s January 1, 2016.

365 brand new days stretch before us.

There are lessons to be learned.

There are people to meet; new relationships to be forged.

Magic is crackling in the air above us, like lightening.

I’ve never understood the allure of New Year’s Resolutions. It always seemed, to me, like a good excuse to perpetuate behaviors that harm us in some way.  “I’ll stop smoking January 1st,” (In the middle of August).  We draw a line in the sand and tell ourselves we’ll invest in self-improvement at a date that lay waiting before us.

Energy 012

It’s crap.

In reality, we can choose to change with every new second that ticks by on the clock.

I created this website a month and a half ago when I was desperately seeking a creative outlet.  It’s lay in wait, like a fresh journal, waiting for me to fill it up. Though, I was never clear what I wanted to fill it’s pages with.  I have so much to say, that sometimes it seems like all of the words jumbling around in my brain scramble together and when I open my mouth, or attempt to write them down, I start to judge what it looks like and I either close my mouth immediately, or delete what I’ve written.

That changes now.

I will write every day, and I won’t judge it.

Some days, I want to tell a story.

Some days, I want to be philosophical.

Some days, I want to be sarcastic.

Some days, I want to be mean.

Some days, I want to believe in love, and some days I curse it.

Some days, I want to be optimistic and happy.

Some days, I want to talk about healthy living and lifestyle.

Some days, I want to be raw and real and talk about how life isn’t fair at all.

Whatever it is I have to say on any given day, will find a resting place here.

My wish for you this new year, is that you push yourself.  I want you to go outside your comfort zone.  Seek the unfamiliar.  They say you can strengthen your brain by deliberately using your non-dominant hand to do everyday tasks. Take the ordinary – the comfortable – and make it uncomfortable.  My challenge to you, is that you use this year to do that with your life.

Through my writing here, you’ll learn that I’ve been living this way for a while now.  I want to share it with you because I want to be the living proof that seeking out the unfamiliar leads to growth.  To unhealthy cycles ending.  To self-awareness. To self-love.

It does NOT, however, lead to perfection.

The growth is in the stumbles.

So, stumble with me.

Fall, dust yourself off, and remember the crack you fell on.

You’re welcome to join me on this journey, if you’d like.

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