Common Dreams Interpreted: Back to School

You thought that your school days were far behind you but in the land of your dreams they are alive and well. Dreams of being back in high school are very common and can mean different things. Of course, high school was the place and time when we carved out our identities for the world and for ourselves so it is not surprising that our brains take us back there.

Dreaming about being back in school can also have to do with your work life. If you stop and think about it, your job can be a lot like school was. You go there every morning, spend the day with your “friends” and being productive (hopefully). There can be cliques, office drama often mirrors those high school days, and your work is still being “graded” albeit a little differently.

Many times when people dream of being back in school there are elements of their lives today involved. I dreamed last week that I married to my husband, had our children, but spent my days in my old high school. There wasn’t even a disconnect in my dream between my home life of now and my high school days. The great part about this dream for me was I also looked like I did in high school.

If your dreams focus on negative experiences that you had in high school it may indicate that you are feeling insecure or experiencing difficulty in your life today that involves an area of your life from school. For instance, if you were overweight and teased about it in school and you are still overweight today and for whatever reason are increasingly agitated or insecure about it, this can be reflected in your dreams.

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