Astrology Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My friend and I are born only a few days apart, but we are nothing like each other?

A. Many people share very similar characteristics over any few days, but the difference is often in the position of the Moon.  It is the swiftest body in the universe and traverses each sign every 2.5 days.  The Moon is the emotional response area of the Chart, and when two people naturally respond differently to emotional encounters, they certainly feel very different to each other.

Q. I met someone born on exactly the same day as my birth, and we look nothing alike.

A. On any given day there are 360 possible Ascendant degrees available to those born during the 24 hour period.  Every two hours a different sign is Ascending which colours each and every individual born. The sign ascending at birth often indicates, body shape, looks, colouring, outward manner and appearance – it is not always the Sun sign we look like.  This is one of the reasons for a different look to those born the same day, but at a different time and place.

Q.  I’ve had my chart prepared by more than one Astrologer and they are different – how can this be?

A.  After checking that both Astrologers were given the same birth details (you would be amazed how many people guess and think it doesn’t matter much) to see if they differ.  If not, then many Astrologers use only computer packages in calculating charts (I do this also – but still retain hands on connection and personal checking) and this is often where the mistakes occur.  Get your astrologer to re-check.I have noted that some computer packages can vary by as much as 5 degrees, with different latitude and
longitude positions of the place of birth which can alter the accuracy of any given chart.

Q.  What is the difference between Vedic and Western Astrology?

A.  The Vedic Astrology system operates by a Lunar Calendar of 12 months of 30 days each.  The Western Astrologer operates with a Solar Cycle of 12 months or 365 days. Both have twelve major symbols that represent the character of those born in a particular year or month, depending on which system is being applied. 

Q.  I’m born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini but what sign am I really?

A.  Many Taurus (ruled Venus) and Gemini (Mercury) often find their Ruling Planet in each other’s signs, helping some Taurus into being more adventurous in moving around and learning; and Gemini to create more stability and planning into their lives.  This can also occur between Virgo and Libra.

Q.  Why are more women are attracted to Astrology than men?

A.  The only part of this statement that is partially truthful is that women are more open to believing in natural cycles and rhythms, because they operate closer to the feeling sense.  But, if you were to have a conversation with Sir Issac Newton, Carl Jung, Hippocrites, Galileo (and many other men of their ilk) then you would know this statement to be false.  These men were all well versed in this subject in their times.In classes over the years, it is the more rounded group of students that contains both men and women.

Q.  Is Astrology a `new age’ belief system?

A.  The actual beginning of Astrology as we know it today is hard to pinpoint, we do know it goes back in some form about 5,000 years, probably more. Astrology has been modernised and modified many times, but still retains many traditional methods set down thousands of years ago – SO – this is about as `old age’ as you can get.

Q.  What is the best way to learn Astrology?

A.  Everyone has their own speed and way of learning. But the best way to learn Astrology is through a very capable saint or master or Guruji. For only a person bestowed with blessings from the lord can learn this Ancient science.

Q.  How long did it take you to learn?

A.  I have to admit I’m still learning, and that is after 7 years of involvement.  I also admit that this is likely to continue.  As to an understanding of Astrology that took about 2-3 years, and was then enhanced by learning from others more experienced for another 3 before I felt I understood.

Q.  I don’t believe in Astrology – do you?

A.  Only faith backed powerfully by the blessing of a true Guru can make a person understand Astrology or occult sciences.

Q.  I don’t react the way my  `star sign’ is supposed to do?

A.  The Moon (Star) Sign for each individual contains many of their character traits.  The Lagna plays a great role in deciding the characteristic behaviour of a person. The planets aspecting the lagna and the moon decide the exact behaviour of the person in Question. There are many influences which decide the behaviour of the person and not only the star sign.

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