Astrological Predictions

Free daily horoscopes are included in many newspapers. This diagram or chart consists of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the birth dates they govern. Below each sign are the events and situations that will affect the people born under those dates. This is also known as Sun sign astrology.

Where to Find Free Sun Sign Astrology

These are available in many websites. You can go to any search engine and the words sun sign astrology should turn up several hits. You can also find links to free sites on astrology related forums. Since these sites are a dime in a dozen, you need to be a bit choosy when it comes to deciding which ones to go to.

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Trademarks of Good Free Astrology Sites

The content should be free. This may seem obvious, but some of these sites are not free or offer only meager information. To get the rest, you must subscribe to the sites.

If all the information is free, make sure it is extensive. The info should not be limited to events concerning you today; the site should provide information about yesterday, tomorrow, next week, next month etc.

There should also be links to other areas of interest (i.e., your career, love life, money etc). Some even come with free Tarot readings and lucky numbers too.

Free sites also offer info about astrology in case you want to calculate your own birth chart. There are free programs that allow you to make an astrological chart.

The Astrological Chart

Sun sign astrology only provides general information. To get specific readings for the individuals, an astrologer requires the person’s birth time and place. This is converted into GMT and into sidereal time.

Next, the astrologer consults the ephemeris. The ephemeris is a reference table showing the location of the planets, Sun and Moon for that specific time and date.

The Houses, Signs, Planets and Aspects

The chart is divided into 12 sections called houses, beginning from the eastern horizon where the rising sign is found. The signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc) are set here. After the sign positions have been established, the planets are then put in place.

Besides the planets, the Moon and Sun are also included. There are now some astrologers who also account for the asteroids, comets and other major stars.

The aspects referred to in horoscope charts are the angles among pairs of planets. The differences between the aspects and their exactness are also studied.

Aspects recognized by majority of astrologers are conjunction (0 degrees), opposition (180 degrees), square (90 degrees), trine (120 degrees), sextile (60 degrees), semi-square (45 degrees), sesqisquare (135 degrees), and quincunx (150 degrees).


After this chart has been developed, the astrologer can begin the reading the chart. The information on the chart will shed light on the person’s life, prospects in relationships, family, career and their personality.

As the information above makes plain, the free daily horoscopes provided in newspapers are just the tip of the iceberg. Using the Internet, you can find more about yourself and astrology in general.

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